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Insights on the Mobile Ecosystem


This is a summary of articles I have authored and a sample of press coverage


Interview with Caroline Lewko of the Wireless Industry Project

How to Fight Wireless Spam

Putting MMS to Work

Accelerating MMS Adoption and Usage

Simplifying the Mobile Messaging Experience – An Ingegrated Approach

Winning the Battle for the Consumer’s Digital Life

Sample Press Coverage:

LogicaCMG MMS Claim Rings Hollow

Wireless World: Card-less Loyalty Promos

Photo Enabling Mobile Instant Messaging

Mobile World Congress Interview with FAQ-MAC – In Spanish

Mobile Messaging Analyst – IMS Gahters Pace but Should Legacy Systems be Swept Away?

Patents Issued:

Co-inventor of System and Method for Providing Prepaid Billing for Instant Messaging Users.  Patents: 8,073,4728,626,117, and 9,008,611

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Written by Francisco Kattan

March 29, 2009 at 8:54 am