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This is a summary of articles I have authored and a sample of press coverage


The Death of Flash: 8 Years in the Making

The Mobile App Store Landscape 5 Years Ai (After the iPhone)

Interview with Caroline Lewko of the Wireless Industry Project

Back to the Future: How Facebook is Challenging Google at the Eyeball Game

How to Fight Wireless Spam

Putting MMS to Work

Accelerating MMS Adoption and Usage

Simplifying the Mobile Messaging Experience – An Ingegrated Approach

Winning the Battle for the Consumer’s Digital Life

Sample Press Coverage:

LogicaCMG MMS Claim Rings Hollow

Wireless World: Card-less Loyalty Promos

Photo Enabling Mobile Instant Messaging

Mobile World Congress Interview with FAQ-MAC – In Spanish

Mobile Messaging Analyst – IMS Gahters Pace but Should Legacy Systems be Swept Away?

Patents Issued:

Co-inventor of System and Method for Providing Prepaid Billing for Instant Messaging Users.  Patents: 8,073,4728,626,117, and 9,008,611

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Written by Francisco Kattan

March 29, 2009 at 8:54 am

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